I was born in Canada, subsequently living in Ireland and moving to Uganda with my mother and sister at the age of nine. I went to school there until I had finished ‘O’ Levels. The experience of spending my formative years in this amazing place has had a long lasting effect on me. Despite political troubles and some frightening experiences, I have positive memories of life there, despite feeling left out of the ‘swinging sixties’ , happening so far away. I am sure that my colour sense was shaped by the environment of Africa.
I came back from Uganda and decided to study Art, beginning with a foundation course at West Surrey College of Art and Design in Farnham, staying there to do a B.A.(Hons) in Textiles/Fashion. On completion I went to Birmingham Polytechnic to do an M.A. in Printed Textile Design. Jobs seemed scarce, so I started working as a freelance designer, making collections of designs which my agent sold abroad. I gradually changed to doing illustration work on a commission basis for many well known companies such as British Airways, BHS, Sony, Homes and Gardens, Second Nature and Playschool. During this time I started to explore ideas and exhibit my own work.   
After having my two boys, rushing down to London to show my portfolio became virtually impossible. I took up some part time teaching and devoted a lot more time and energy to the development of my ideas and the production of work. I experimented with different approaches and techniques and went to Norwich School of Art as part of the Artists Access to Art Colleges scheme. I started using silk screens again as well as fabrics and I have now reached a stage where I use a diverse range of materials and techniques to produce my work.
I am continually exploring and experimenting with materials and techniques and us e whatever seems appropriate to convey my ideas. My work is mainly abstract, dealing with colour and colour relationships, and is open to the individual’s interpretation. I am inspired by direct observation of landscape and elements within it as well as  other artists’ work .