About Me

I was born in Canada and is currently bassed in Cambridge. I did a foundation course at West Surrey College of Art and Design in Farnham, stayed there to do a B.A.(Hons) in Textiles/Fashion.


Terry’s childhood was spent in Canada, Ireland and Uganda, where she developed her interest in drawing and painting. She studied textile design at West Surrey College of Art and Design (B.A.Hons) and then at City of Birmingham Polytechnic, where she gained an M.A. in printed textiles. For several years she worked as a freelance Textile designer and illustrator, combined with teaching in various colleges and schools, as well as developing her own ideas.

She is now able to devote most of her time to the development of these ideas. ‘‘My work is influenced by everything around me, from remembered, fleeting glimpses right up to things I saw yesterday. This could be landscape, flowers, architecture, water, lights, a particular colour combination, a feeling.  I am not interested in making obviously representational images, I am attempting to translate what I see into what I feel. I attempt to capture a sense of depth and form using abstract elements such as colour, colour relationships, texture, mark-making and composition.  I like to develop structure within a painting, contrasting it with looser areas of colour, tone and texture.

 Artists whose work has influenced her include Patrick Caulfield, Albert Irvin, Rothko, Patrick Heron, Barnett Newman, Gerhard Richter and Robert Rauschenberg.’


Acrylic on canvas
h 75 cm x w 150 cm


Mixed media on canvas
h 50 x w 70 cm


Mixed media on canvas
h 100 x w 70 cm



h 100 cm x w 70 cm


Artrooms London 2018
0-22 Jan 2018
Melia White House Hotel,
Albany Street, Regents Park,
London NW1 3UP